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JupiterSdk Namespace
The JupiterSDK namespace contains classes for local and streamed audio playback in Windows Phone 8.1. It supports Icecast and Shoutcast(Ultravox) protocols and provides an interface to access the metadata streamed with the audio.
Public classAudioBackgroundTaskMethods
Methods for Audio Background Task
Public classCode exampleAudioPlayer
The Jupiter AudioPlayer supports audiostreaming with shoutcast(ultravox)/icecast protocols
Public classLicenseActivator
Jupiter Sdk Activation Class
Public classPlaylist
The Jupiter SDK implementation of an audio playlist. It suports the following types of Tracks: - Network live audio streams - Network audio stream files - Local files
Public classPlaylistManager
This class provides a collection, to persistently storage and retrieve the user defined playlists
Public classTrack
This class represents a single Audio Track, defined by a name and an url. There are three types of track supported by Jupiter SDK: - Network Live Audio Stream - Network Audio File - Local Audio File
Public enumerationAudioPlayerState
Supported states of the AudioPlayer
Public enumerationRepeatMode
Supported Modes of Repetition