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AudioPlayer Class
The Jupiter AudioPlayer supports audiostreaming with shoutcast(ultravox)/icecast protocols
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: JupiterSdk
Assembly: JupiterSdk (in JupiterSdk.dll) Version: (
public sealed class AudioPlayer

The AudioPlayer type exposes the following members.

Public methodAudioPlayer
Initializes a new instance of the AudioPlayer class
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Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
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Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodCode exampleMute
Sets the IsMuted property of the Audio Player.
Public methodPlay
Starts playback of the CurrentTrack of the Audio Player.
Public methodCode examplePlay(Playlist)
Set the current playlist of the Audio Player and starts its playback.
Public methodCode examplePlay(Track)
Plays a single Track.
Public methodPlayNext
Plays next track of the current playlist.
Public methodPlayPrevious
Plays previous track of the current playlist.
Public methodCode exampleRepeat
Sets the repeat modus of the Audio Player.
Public methodCode exampleShuffle
Activates or deactivates the Shuffle mode of the Audioplayer
Public methodCode exampleStartRecord
Starts a recording of the current playback.
Public methodStop
Stops the current playback
Public methodCode exampleStopRecord
Stops the current recording and save the recorded file in RecordFolder
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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Public propertyBufferingProgress
Gets the amount of buffering that is completed for the media content, expressed as a percentage.
Public propertyCanRecord
Gets the recording capability of the Jupiter SDK for the current playback (only recording of network live streams supported).
Public propertyCurrentPlaylist
Gets or sets the current playlist of the Audio Player
Public propertyCurrentState
Gets the current state of media playback.
Public propertyIsMuted
Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if the audio is muted.
Public propertyMetadata
Gets or sets the metadata associated to the current playback (i.e. title and artist)
Public propertyNaturalDuration
Get the actual duration of the media without applying the PlaybackRate.
Public propertyPlaylistManager
Gets the PlaylistManager object of the AudioPlayer.
Public propertyPosition
Gets the audio volume for media playback.
Public propertyPrebufferSize
Gets or sets the the amount of bytes to load before the playback starts.
Public propertyVolume
Get or sets the audio volume for media playback.
Public eventBufferingEnded
Occurs when buffering has finished.
Public eventBufferingStarted
Occurs when buffering has started.
Public eventCoverChanged
Occurs when new cover is available for current track.
Public eventCurrentPlaylistChanged
Occurs when the current playlist changes.
Public eventCurrentStateChanged
Occurs when the state of the AudioPlayer changes.
Public eventCurrentTrackChanged
Occurs when the current track on the playlist changes.
Public eventMediaEnded
Occurs when the media has finished playback.
Public eventMediaFailed
Occurs when an error is encountered.
Public eventMediaOpened
Occurs when the media is opened.
Public eventMetadataChanged
Occurs when new metadata is detected by the audioplayer in the current track.
Public eventRecordFinished
Occurs when the record finished and the file has been saved.
Public eventVolumeChanged
Occurs when the volume of the audio has changed.
This example shows how to create and use a Jupiter AudioPlayer
// Create a Jupiter AudioPlayer
var audioPlayer = new AudioPlayer();
//Create some tracks
var track1 = new Track("RadioStream1", "http://Your.Station-IP.Here:Port");
var track2 = new Track("RadioStream2", "http://Your.Station-IP.Here/Mount");
var track3 = new Track("LocalFile"   , "ms-appx:///Assets/song.mp3");
var track4 = new Track("NetworkFile" , "");
//Create a playlist
var playlist = new Playlist("MyPlaylist");
// Add tracks to the playlist

// Start Playback
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